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Considering H-1B Visa Processing in Canada? Third Country Nationals Should Proceed With Caution

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Third country nationals (TCNs) with foreign degrees who have not been previously issued H-1B visas from their home consulate may find it increasingly difficult to obtain their visa at a U.S. post in Canada and should consider returning to their home country for visa issuance. It seems that U.S. consular posts in Canada are increasingly reluctant to issue visas to such TCNs because of the Posts’ distrust of degrees not from the U.S. or Canada and the Posts’ inability to properly authenticate them. While not official policy, the U.S. Embassy’s website for consular processing in Canada warns that officials may refuse to issue such visas and especially discourages such TCNs who last entered the U.S. on a visitor visa.